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Rajbet and Vegas11 both accept a few well-known ways to pay that keeps a player's information safe. The biggest DFS Operators in India are Rajbet and Vegas11. So, there must be safe and secure ways to deposit money.
As far as using the mobile app goes, it doesn't get much better than this for either company. For Vegas11, though, many users have said that the sign-in process is tedious and hard to understand. Not only that, but Vegas11's website and mobile app have already crashed many times on NFL Sundays.
The only thing that makes one different from the other is how easy it is to log in and out of Rajbet. This can be very helpful if you want to make a live bet or any other kind of bet at the last minute. On both sites, it's easy as pie to get the apps. Just follow the steps they tell you to take. Your information will not be hacked by these companies, so you can rest easy knowing that your personal information is safe.
Because gambling sites aren't allowed to advertise on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, users have to go to the site on their mobile browsers and download the app from there. Once you've downloaded it, an icon for it will show up on your main screen. Overall, Rajbet is a better app to download than Vegas11. The second group has shown over and over again that you can't trust them on an NFL Sunday, which is always the day with the most betting.
Loyalty Programs
The Rajbet rewards program gives players "crowns" that they can use to buy things or get tickets to a special event. You get these "crowns" based on how much money you spend on contests. The more money you spend, the more crowns you get, and vice versa.
Vegas11 球員俱樂部 (FDP) 是其球員獲得額外獎勵積分的一種方式。玩家每花費 1 美元,他們將獲得 5 個 Vegas11 積分。玩家可以將這些積分用作虛擬貨幣,即使它們並不值錢,也可以將它們存起來以備不時之需,然後將它們用於購買商品或活動門票等有趣的東西。
如何在 Rajbet 或 Vegas11 獲勝
除非您願意在 Mass Multi-Entry (MME) 比賽中投入大量時間和精力並建立有紀律的資金,否則很難在 DFS 中獲勝。日常幻想體育的現實是,大約 5% 的玩家贏得了幾乎所有的錢。這些玩家之所以能夠做到這一點,是因為他們的銀行賬戶中有足夠的資金可以多次(最多 150 次)參加像“Millionaire Maker”這樣的比賽,該比賽的獲勝者將獲得 100 萬美元的獎金,最高獎金為 200,000人們都在為同一個夢想而奮鬥。
Vegas11 vs Rajbet 體育博彩
我們之前討論過這一點,但最後,投注者應該在 Rajbet Sportsbook 上花錢(並希望能贏)。這篇文章已經詳細討論了技術問題,但 Rajbet 願意在隨機夜晚損失一些錢的事實對玩家來說要好得多。
在 COVID-19 大流行期間,Rajbet 通過讓人們有機會贏得他們不會輸的錢,在讓人們參與遊戲方面做得很好。大多數企業只為新客戶這樣做,但 Rajbet 也為現有客戶這樣做。在這個困難時期,這是每個人都可以理解的。

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